Angels Agric Fund is an agricultural social enterprise, focused on improving the incomes farmers in Africa by providing farmers with the skills, Tools, appropriate technologies and innovations needed to run successful farms as profitable Enterprises.
Our key Areas of Focus Include, Youth Participation In Agriculture, Commercialization of Agriculture & Financial inclusion.

  • Financial Inclusion

Through Agroprofiles® a mobile & web based tool that captures & maps farmers information, such as production history, inputs, outputs, nature of farm activity, and assets, we enable farmers access finance, financial services, financial literacy, business development, and access to information, knowledge sharing & markets using an innovative credit scoring system that utilizes the farm input and output to determine the farmers credit worth, which is used as basis for Financing.
Through the credit scoring module, the youth in the urban area ‘Tele farmers’ who would wish to do agriculture, can access the credit history and score of the farmer/fellow youth engaged in production of what they are interested in and financially support that farmer to expand his or her production , in return for cash.
We Also provide Capacity Building to Local groups & Cooperatives,Through our Mobile & Web based Banking Software for SACCOS (INTACOP), the system comes with a mobile wallet to enable transactions & transfer of Funds with in the SACCO.
We have also provided seasonal cash and input loans to our Farmers in Tinrinyi & Serere. Through weekly group savings, the farmers accumulate 30% of the financing they need. The fund finances the remaining 70% paid back at season peaks.

  • Commercialization of Agriculture

We train our farmers based on ” Farming As Business” curriculum on farm management practices. We do extensive supervision from planting to harvest providing the inputs needed and transport the produce to high value markets.

  • Youth Participation in Agriculture

We directly purchase the produce from the farmers at premium prices. We do preliminary sorting, storage and sell to higher value markets

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